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4/15/20 - Due to social distancing guidelines, TVTC Decatur can accommodate up to 13 students for testing. Please expect to wait for an available testing spot. We appreciate your patience during this time

Updated 4/15/20 - Due to social distancing are stopping "Day Of" registrations for Basic Orientation and Specialty classes. We are also limiting the class sizes in order to maintain social distancing. Please contact Ed Lowery ( for availablity on Basic Orientation and Specialty classes.

Updated 4/6/2020 - Beginning the 23rd of March through the 31st of May we request that you send only personnel that are "mission" essential to your organization. We also ask that you send them in small groups of 2-4 if possible. We are in contact with many of our owner sites and the trend that is evolving is "essential personnel only", including contractors.

3/17/2020 - Due to COVID-19 all fit-testing will be suspended until further notice. This is for all TVTC locations.

COVID-19 Notice: Employers, when you register your employees you are verifying that:
"I verify that the student(s) I have registered today do not have a fever, are not showing signs of illness, and have not been on a cruise or traveled outside of the United States within the last 21 days. Students who do not meet these requirements should NOT be registered to come to TVTC."

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