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Plant Check

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Want to see what employees are approved to come on site?

Plant check allows you to look at what employees have taken with the requirements for your site. View what courses companies have trained their employees.

Badge Check

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Access control has never been easier!! Owner companies now can use the BadgeCheck tool to verify identity and qualifications of contractors and employees. A quick connect of the USB Scanner to the computer and logging on TVTC’s website is all that is needed to get started. No software to install. Once set, the operator will be able to scan badges and get an audio and visual response that indicates whether the badgeholder meets defined site or gate requirements.

Badgecheck Fail Features

  • Multi-tier Programmable parameters
  • Hands-free operation
  • Alternate keyboard input
  • Photo display
  • Large red and green indicators
  • Name displayed on screen
  • Audio indicators
  • Compatible with all TVTC’s customer data
Badgecheck Fail Programmable parameters
  • SSV: Social Security Verification
  • Drug Screen Verification
  • Background Check Verification
  • Basic Plus Verification
  • Site Specific Course Verification
  • Identity based access restriction
  • Report feature provides reports and contractor badge in/out data
  • Setup Multi-tier access (Example: Contractor Requirements and Visitor/Vendor Requirements)