Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing is recommended for employees who perform work with potential exposure to toxic chemicals. The SDS will specify what type of respirator is needed.


  • Provide fit test for various respirators.
  • Company provides respirator of their choice.
  • Provides compliance for employers.
  • Employees learn about different types of respirators and how to maintain.

OSHA CFR1910.134 requires a fit test prior to initial use of a respirator, whenever a different respirator face piece is used, and at least annually thereafter. An additional fit test is required whenever employer or PLHCP observes changes in employee’s physical condition that could affect respirator fit.


All employees receiving a Fit Test will need a medical evaluation. Those are completed at TVTC through Respirator A doctor reviews the student’s answers to the medical evaluation questions in order to clear the student for testing.

TVTC Fit Testing