DOT Urine Specimen Training

TVTC's Urine Specimen Collector and In-House Collector Training class is designed to help you meet the legal and administrative requirements to collect employment level urine drug specimens.

This program is based on the latest revisions to 49 CFR Part 40, the collection standard. Attendees receive training and certification as either a Collector or as an In-house Collector Trainer.

TVTC offers training for your people at your location! In addition to our scheduled training classes, TVTC offers on-site training for groups. Please call: 256-260-0355 for further information.

Upon completing DOT Specimen Training for Supervisors course, you will be able to:

  • Complete all steps necessary to conduct a urine specimen collection correctly and the proper completion and transmission of the Custody & Control Form (CFF).
  • Handle "problem collections."
  • Identify when a Direct Observation collection is necessary and how the collection must be conducted.
  • Identify the fatal flaws and correctable flaws and how to correct problems in collections.
  • Complete five consecutive and specific mock collections.

Collection Facilities must have:

  • A qualified collections trainer
  • An error correction training program
  • A training program for newly hired collectors
  • Protocol for directly observed collections

Collectors must know:

  • Protocol for the drug and alcohol Custody Control Form (CCF)
  • When directly observed collections are required & when optional
  • What collection errors result in canceled tests and require collector re-training
TVTC Urine Specimen Training